Semenjana #5

I see mediocrity as a neutral category to portray ontological projects of people living in urban context. Mediocrity, at best, is an escape from urban delirium. Work, traffic, and money have captured us, making us enjoying a state of being okay with un-okay stuffs on the road, inside the cubicle, and in front of the ATM.

Being mediocre, I begin to understand, is a wise tactic of surfing on the chaos. It’s okay to be not okay, as it happens to most people, especially the urban middle class. In this sense, we break away from the dreams we always revise and the misplaced hopes put on us by others (parents, universities, state, friends, bosses).

We were raised with too much superlatives, I suppose. Then, we were taught to accumulate anything, material things or immaterial desires. I blame a fallen Berlin wall that has given us this neoliberal mind of dreaming on accumulating, of accumulating the superlatives, of telling lies about changing the world.

Then comes the revelation: mediocrity. I use it as a heuristic method to understand the urban dwellings, in which I was/am a part of. After all the screams and spirits of revolutionizing anything (digital, economy, football, and else), we should now stop a bit. We talk/work/dream/change/accumulate too much anyway.

Post-scriptum: Saya sedang mencoba menggali lagi ide lama, yang selama ini terbenam di bawah mimpi-mimpi yang tak keruan bentuknya. Sebenarnya saya cuma ingin jadi medioker saja, dan merayakan senja dengan air putih. Seri “Semenjana” ini adalah usaha untuk membangunkan lagi anak kecil yang tidur manis di sana, entah dimana. Supaya ia lekas bangun dan berakhir di toko buku.

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