Last Trains

The rain fell in Gondangdia. I was running to get the last train to Depok. The station was so serene and nice in the midnight. Last train, last people from the suburbs. I sat on the seat in the corner… and fell asleep.

I was dreaming about my last trains in The Netherlands.

In my second last night there, I catch the last train from Amstel to Ede-Wageningen. It was the goodbye, so don’t blame me. I arrived in Dijkgraaf with a little funny shock in 2A. I ate the left-over cake before sleeping.

Months before, I had a late flight from Bari to Maastricht. To go to Wageningen was a mess as the railways somewhere between Maastricht and Eindhoven were under maintainance. I had to pass some unusual route, before reaching Nijmegen, and catched a very late train to Ede-Wageningen. No bus 88 anymore, so I took the OV-fiets (rented the bike) and cycled to Wageningen. It was at 2 am.

There were more last trains I took to Ede-Wageningen. For instance, the one from Arnhem, when I had a long trip from Bayreuth to Dusseldorf to Arnhem by the combination of German Flixbus and DB Bahn.

Also, the one from Deventer. It was after the Friday football match of Eerstedivisie. Go Ahead Eagles was defeated at home by FC Eindhoven. It was a pathetic scene in the tribune. I walked from the stadium to the station, felt so hungry, and took the frikandel at Albert Heijn (along with a can of Hertog Jan).

And other last trains. I might not remember them all. But, I know there are always the last ones waiting for me to go home.

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