​In Isar. A tiny curly-haired girl is drawing in front of me in her tiny drawing book. She brought a set of animal dools. They are tiny like her. They are cute like her. She suddenly reminds me of my sister. The curly-haired girls always fascinate me, either little or bigger girls.

Near the banks, a woman puts on her bra. Before, she was naked on top. She has​​ nice solid breasts. Now she is lying on the water, looking at nowhere but the streams of water. The weather is lovely. Summer is almost over, so we must grasp it while it lasts.

Next to me, on the left, an old man has been reading a newspaper for almost an hour. He is sitting in portable chair. He seems swallowing every words in paper very carefully. Perhaps he reads about the place he has never been to. Or maybe about the city he was grown up in.

And here I am. Sitting in Isar, pondering about random stuffs. On overtouristic places. On traffic jam in Jakarta. I am thinking how modernity may have created us crowd-phobia. That we always expect our neighbors, either fellow car drivers or tourists, are not exist.

(Munchen, 19-08-2018)

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