west/south and we who are trapped in the middle

O my body, make of me always a man who questions!

It was Fanon; either screaming or whispering. But he begged to his body. The thought we have in the head is inseparable with the body we have. Mignolo frames it as body-politics of knowledge. Skin matters. But also anything else.

Do you know what westerners should do? We should build a culture of shame.

It was Monica; preaching in the kitchen at Droef. I thought westerners should shut up. But not for her. Silence is not an option. Shame is. Still, with shame, come development. Isn’t that true? Then, with development, come World Bank.

We always have to jump to be on level with first world citizens. I am tired.

It was Chandra; responding to a question he arranged himself. I am tired, too. Can we just think and know with our own epistemologies? Then, we live in the pluriverse. The Others not as an exotica or an object of govern-ing/ment/ance.

Can the subaltern speak?

It was Spivak; asking rhetoric through the helps of Foucault and Deleuze. It all begins with the (western/modern/colonial) Self. Maybe, decolonial thinking offers us liberation with delinking. Why don’t we turn to communal instead?

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