Do we need revolution or revelation?

Do we need revolution or revelation?

I was reading Camus in Muntei. People here live simply, at least to my standard. Ladang, sugar pleasure, and moile moile philosophy. In the terrace, you can see communalism. One white scholar called them primitive communist. I always have a problem with the term ‘primitive’.

This late afternoon, I was thinking about primitive. I remembered Papua. We, urban people, are more primitive, aren’t we? We live for money like crazy, we live for fantasies. Here, people are living a carpe diem way of life. It is only today. Forget that fuckin calendar, darling!

I feel so fit with this people, with this way of life. Life for lazy people like me. One time, I imagined those central government and missionary bastards came to the island, then judged them as lazy, as against modernity. Oh, but we have never been modern – to borrow Latour.

People are always smiling. You can always jump to people’s terrace and talk. Silence is never awkward here. It is a part of conversation, because we need to swallow the words into thought, or into nothingness. It is always okay to have nothing and to be nothing. Why bother?

I write bullshit. Anthropology is bullshit. Research is unethical. Ethics is unethical. Sociology is even more bullshit. Bullshit is ethical. Ethics are bullshit. The notions of bullshit and ethics filled up my mind. They are intertwined into melancholy, later into tragedy, then comedy.

In the night, rains poured down. I was reminded of the rains of Wageningen, of Ebay, of Torino. I was remembering the life in pulau. Those sorrowful days, those amazing nights. One day, I will go back to Ebay. But without research, without the necessity of doing something.

Moile moile, my friends.

(Siberut, 3 Januari 2018)

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