Forget Society

Darling, forget society. We will sit in the rainbow when the revolution blows up in the streets. We will drink the good wines of French and talk about being young forever. We will kiss as if time stops in the night of snows and wars. Are you getting drunk? Can we just move up to the sky and fly freely like a pair of sparrows?

Darling, forget society. I want to dance in the smoke and blow the whole world in your eyes. I will sing you a song I never heard, like a drunken poet in the Fifth Avenue. Jazz is swinging and we are sleeping in the clouds. It is so serene without humans, without cars, without televisions, isn’t it? I want to die in the hug of yours.

Darling, forget society. No Vaticans, no Kutas, no Marrakeshs. We don’t need names for cities we pass through. We need no stories, we need no souvenirs. But, we are gonna be eternal. Like the statues, like the Bibles, like the suns. Do we have to go mad now and ski in the frozen river in the north? Or maybe not, we need a rest.

Darling, forget society. Forget the antique phrase in Sanskrit, and the Communist Manifesto, and the Einstein & co. We should just pick an ukulele and go to the roof. Play me the sad songs from nowhere, from the land that never been told. Then, I will slowly be absorbed into air. And gone, like we’ve never been really exist.

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