There is always something poetic about choices. However rational it is, the act of making choice is purely gambling. We never really know what we are going to get. At least, if you believe in uncertainty of everything in life. We choose and we may regret. We choose and we may not regret. That is what make us humane.

Imagine how many times we made choices in life. Imagine how many times we regretted and wished to turn back clock. But, maybe, it is not a matter of avoiding the regret. I remember one kind of post-modern suggestion: don’t regret the regret. It sounded catchy at the first time. Now, it makes more sense every time I think of it.

In the age of plethora of choices, from practical things in supermarket to philosophical matters, making choices is what define us. Even, not choosing is a choice. However, it has never been a skill. It is not something we can polish so it becomes better. Not like that. No matter how often we made choices, we can always be wrong.

Sometimes we follow the rationale. Sometimes we follow the guts. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes it is not. There is no mathematic in it. There is no magic crystal ball. Maybe, we only need to accept it. That choices we make can always go south. But, it can also be the greatest decision we ever made. We never really know.

Whenever we make choice, just imagine the world without choices.

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