Small City Life

From who-knows-when, I always want to live in small city where breaths are easy and life is calm. For 24 years I lived in suburban of urban jungle named Jakarta. There is always busy routine everyday as its patron has. Now, finally, I am moving to another place. A much quieter, less polluted big village named Wageningen. A place where its inhabitants seem like having nothing else to look for in life. Except a serene life.

Two or three days after moving to Wageningen, I visited a place called Stade in Niedersachsen state of Germany. And I found another peaceful space there. Forget Hamburg or Amsterdam, it is a kind of rural town where apples are everywhere. From very big industries that supply all Europe, to tiny garden in almost every house in the town. Pace is slow and days are gone fast in Stade. A breeze in the afternoon makes it perfect.

One day, I went to Amsterdam Centraal. Another day, I was in front of Rathaus of Hamburg. People everywhere. From travelers carrying big backpack, to locals hanging out with fashionable outfit. I never hate tourists or locals or people. But I may not like noisy crowd too much. There were headaches when I first got off the train in Centraal or walked around the Rathaus. The aches growing whenever the picture of going back to Jakarta-esque life comes in mind.

Now, I am going to forget such vision. I want to appreciate life here, life I dreamed of for who-knows-how-long. A small city life. 

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