Big City Blues

Well, some people unquestionably weren’t born to be the big city guy. There’s always something intolerable about living in busy urban sphere. I always imagine being in busway and seeing those foreign faces with desperation, vanity, and fatigue. All those expressions turned into some brief yet firm advice: do not live in false routine of this city, brother.

The idea of breathing clear air of less busy and smaller town is constantly fascinating me. What I yearn is simplicity, a life without bullshit and lies and banality. To think so, I must be accused of being victim of romanticism. True or not, I don’t care. What if they are just stupid cowards and helpless slaves of prison-like life of big city. Again, I’ll be accused as romanticist.

However, escaping this fate is not as easy as it seems. Going and living somewhere more peaceful and tranquil are, in fact, not a simple task. I don’t know where it’s been wrong. Yet, I thinkĀ jail runaway is obviously tricky and dramatic. I remember that famous Shawshank Redemption movie and I guess the path of mine is maybe similar. Who knows.

I don’t know where and when my wish fulfilled, yet. For such desire is now number one driving force of my life, this is just the matter of time and place. Whether suburban of Netherlands or Yogyakarta, whether next year or 2016, it is going to happen. Now, the only things left to do are killing time as brutal as I can and spitting on this pathetic urbanity.

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