I believe it’s important to give as less shit as you can to anything. Such act could be a forgotten key to the door toward ecstatic life you have been looked for. When you give shit to nothing, life is dancing around. What left is only a will to go jump and free fall to valley of tranqulitity.

It may seem cliche, standard, and whatnot. But, what’s not?

I remember days before thesis defending. Those days, there was sound in my head that sang ‘que sera sera’ constantly, replied by ‘whatever will be will be’. I am a master of not giving a damn. It is one thing I’m really good at. Then, what happened rest was nothing but flying.

However, such talent have to be maintained to keep it sharp so you can kill cruel life cruelly. Like a knife, it’s always able to stab things, howsoever blunt it is. But, don’t you want everything perfectly done, so you can leave without hesitation? I don’t know yet, but I don’t give a care.

This attitude usually never stand alone. The habit of being grateful, the ability to see positive sides, and the belief of old ‘everything’s gonna be alright’ Bob Marley quote are mixed up into one solid thought. It happens naturally, like a gift which you can’t stop to thank to.

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