Getting Lost

Not all who wander are lost (Tolkien)

I believe most of the people are getting lost when they try to find something. Or may be when they getting found. It’s pretty ironic. But, what’s not? Everyday people look for something: money, jobs, partners, freedom, ideas, foods, drinks, love, recognition, fun, death. Everything. And every time they search those matters and stuffs, they are just getting lost. They lose mind. Something has died in themselves.

Why don’t we just get lost? I mean, in perfect sense, never care of anything or look for everything. We just live the today and die in the night. But, we can’t. We are used to doing and trying to achieve. That’s what culture teaches to us. Or may be we just scared. Getting lost is indeed horrible. We lose direction. And that’s pretty paranoid. Again, it is because we used to be walking in direction. We can’t stand to lose the way.

I won’t go to the matter of getting lost in travel sense. It just too cliche. I found ‘let’s get lost’ is superficially misunderstood. Everybody seems wanting to get lost in nowhere. And, that’s been constructed as cool. I’ve been there. Yes, I love the idea of getting lost. But the way is happen in today life, where social media and technology rules, is pathetic. ‘Let’s get lost’, I once tweeted. That make me feel sorry and dumb.

I ate lunch this afternoon and found this life is too ambitious. To paraphrase Kerouac: my fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them. I dream many things. I’m walking down some paths to reach those. And they eat me. Heading to some directions makes me getting lost. What if the right directions are wrong steps? And getting lost is the way to be found? Ah, that’s another cliche. Who fuck cares.

Time like this always reminds me of Siddharta. And, that’s pacifying.

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